2021-2022 NCMEA Orchestra Audition Workshops


These workshops have been canceled

The Music Academy of WNC is offering an NCMEA audition preparation workshop series for Junior Western Regional Orchestra (Grades 6-8) violin, viola, and cello students.  Topics covered include the required solo, scales, and sight reading.  All workshops are taught and conducted by Music Academy String Faculty members Jan Daugherty (violin & viola) and Matthew Pierce (Cello).  Each workshop series is limited to the first 15 registrations.  A minimum of five students is needed to hold each workshop.  All workshops are held in the Music Academy rehearsal room.  Please register on the form and download required audition pieces and scales below.

All workshop participants should have their scales and required piece learned prior to attending the workshop.  These workshops are designed to “polish” all required All-State materials so each student can maximize their audition potential.  These workshops are NOT designed to teach participants scales and the required audition piece.  Required audition pieces and scales can be downloaded and printed below.  Each participant must bring their required audition materials to the workshop along with their bow and instrument.

Junior Western Regional Orchestra Grades 6-8 Schedule
Meets Saturday, January 22nd – February 5th, 2022
Minimum Five Students, Maximum 15 Students
Tuition:  $40.00 for all three workshops

Violin:  11:15 AM – 12:45 PM
Viola:  1:00 – 2:30 PM
Cello:  2:45 – 4:15 PM

Audition Requirements – Junior Western Regional Orchestra (Grades 6-8)
(Scales and Arpeggios)

Perform all scales and arpeggios from memory. The tonic may be repeated in each octave. Perform scales as sixteenth notes at a minimum tempo of quarter note = 50. Perform arpeggios the same number of octaves as the corresponding scales, eighth note triplets at a minimum tempo of quarter note = 50.

Violin, Viola, Cello: C, G, D major 2 octaves; F major 1 octave; any melodic minor of the student’s choice 1 octave. Slur scales 4 notes per bow and arpeggios 3 notes per bow.

Violin Scales – (Download Scales HERE)Download Advanced Technique HERE

Viola Scales – (Download Scales HERE)  Download Advanced Technique HERE

Cello Scales –(Download Scales HERE)Download Advanced Technique HERE

(Audition Piece)

Petite Bouree For Violin, Viola, and Cello (Download HERE)