Carol Nethen West

Carol Nethen West – Piano, Arranging, Music Production, Composition (Faculty Member Since 2020):  Originally from Annapolis, MD, Carol began her professional composing career at Maryland Public Television (MPT) having completed a Masters Degree in Composition and Production from The University of Miami (1983). MPT was able to create a sole source contract for Carol since she also has a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from The University of Maryland (1978). Carol also taught private piano lessons in Annapolis for over 20 years where she was a member of the Anne Arundel Music Teachers Association, the regional chapter of the National Music Teacher Association.

Carol’s technical, composing and arranging ability is prominent on her CD releases, A View From the Bridge (1980) and Christmas Carol (2018) which are on many streaming platforms such as Spotify and Pandora. She has also composed music for “The United States Information Agency” and the TV show “America’s Most Wanted.”

Carol enjoys teaching piano lessons to students of all ages and abilities. She also plays guitar, coaches rhythm section ensembles and teaches MIDI sequencing, DAW workflow strategies, and composition.

Carol has worked as a church musician in many liturgies and enjoys learning and performing the music of varied denominations. Currently, she is playing piano and organ at Refuge Baptist Church in Dana, NC.