Electric Guitar Lessons in Hendersonville

Electric guitar lessons are offered for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.  Students will be exposed to the rock and blues guitar genres of the past century.  Topics covered are:  correct left and right hand playing techniques; music and tablature reading; performance practice methods (this includes training the ear by listening to and transcribing the music of the great blues and rock players); applied music theory by utilizing pentatonic, scales, arpeggios, and modes; chord theory and voicing’s; improvisation techniques; and the history and contribution of major rock and blues guitar players.  Fretboard theory is also a major part of the intermediate and advanced level curriculum.

The key to all Electric Guitar lessons is to develop the student’s own guitar style from listening to the great blues and rock legends of the past and today.  Heavy emphasis is placed on improvisation and fretboard theory knowledge.

We will use a variety of method books from Mel Bay and Hal Leonard publishing companies to develop playing technique and music reading skills. As the student progresses, we will also use instructor supplements for playing techniques as well as music from the instructor’s personal library.  Computer aided transcription software (GuitarPro) will also be used so students can transcribe chord progressions and solos that are covered in their lessons.

What You Need To Get Started

  • Electric Guitar
  • Guitar Case or Gig Bag
  • Picks and a Guitar Cord
  • Small Practice Amplifier
  • Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book Series
  • Classical Guitar Footstand

All of these items may be purchased through the Music Academy STORE.  Please see your instructor or the Music Academy Director for details.