School Accessory Packs

We know starting a school band, orchestra, or music class that involves instrument rentals and music accessory purchases can be a little overwhelming.  We have taken all the worry off of parents by finalizing method book and music accessory requirements with your child’s school band/orchestra director and placing them in our customized School Accessory Packs for you to purchase below.  The Music Academy will deliver these packs to your child’s school band/orchestra room so they can be picked up on the first day of school.  It’s hassle-free and one less thing parents have to worry about in getting their child involved in a school band/orchestra program.  Please click on your school and program below and purchase the appropriate Accessory Pack from our online store.


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Apple Valley Middle School Orchestra
Captain Gilmer Christian School Band
Captain Gilmer Christian School Orchestra
FernLeaf Community Charter School Strings Classes
Flat Rock Middle School Orchestra
Hendersonville Middle School Orchestra
North Henderson High School Orchestra
Rugby Middle School Orchestra
West Henderson High School Orchestra