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Online Music Lessons

Online Music Lessons Now Available!

We offer online music lessons utilizing the Cisco WebEx Video Conferencing System.  This is a cloud-based system that can be installed on any Mac or PC via a downloadable application.  All that is needed is a video camera (which most computers have built in) and speakers connected for audio playback.

Audio and Video communications run over the Cisco world-wide, private network.  Audio and video signals only use the Internet from the student’s and teacher’s computer to the nearest CISCO network point.  The results yield a very low latency, high definition audio and video lesson experience for the student.   Lessons can be recorded, shared, and files can be viewed and transferred between teacher and student.  It’s like being there in the same room!  Give us a call at (828) 693-3726 to discuss our online lesson options and schedule a test lesson TODAY!