Electric Bass Lessons in Hendersonville

Electric bass guitar lessons are offered for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level students.  Students have the option of studying many styles of music, including rock, blues, hip-hop, jazz, country, funk, pop, Latin, and Motown. Students will be exposed to literature suitable to the style(s) of music they are studying. Electric bass guitar lessons will cover standard repertoire, scales, correct left and right hand technique, improvisation, bass line construction, the role of the bass, ear training, music reading, performance practice, applied music theory, the history and contributions of influential artists and groups, and the history and development of the instrument itself.

The main method book for students studying electric bass guitar is “The Improvisers Bass Method” by Chuck Sher. This text covers all aspects of bass playing including right and left hand technique, scales, basic music theory and reading, improvisation, musical styles, bass line construction, soloing, how to analyze music, and how to develop musicianship skills. Students will also use scale sheets that will be provided by the instructor. As the student progresses, the instructor will use supplements for playing techniques as well as music from the instructor’s personal library.

What You Need To Get Started

Students studying electric bass guitar will need an instrument, tuner, metronome, instrument cable, and the required text noted above. The instructor can provide additional information on each of these items, such as what to purchase, and where they can be purchased.