Google+Check out over 100 Five-Star testimonials on our Google page.  The Music Academy of WNC has the most Five-Star reviews of any private music school in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina.

“When I decided to take guitar lessons I started with another local music school. While my teacher was a professional musician and had a good knowledge of theory, he could not teach. After just a few lessons I decided to start lessons with Mike at the Music Academy. I have not been disappointed. Mike is the consummate teacher, having knowledge and experience. He can play AND teach. My experience having Mike as a guitar teacher has been educational and enjoyable.”

Julie Miesbauer – Hendersonville, North Carolina

If you or your child is interested in music lessons (our experience is with guitar), Music Academy of WNC is the best place to go. They are true professionals with clear policies and communication. The quality of music teaching is the best we have experienced in the area. Lessons are methodical, and mastery of content is expected and required prior to moving on. I highly recommend you give them a call if you or someone in your family have interest in becoming a great musician.

Christy Bryson – Brevard, North Carolina

“Our daughter started violin lessons at the Music Academy when she was 5 years old. Mike and all the teachers are phenomenal! Her teacher is so patient, loving and makes lessons fun. She has made so much progress in two years and enjoys learning this beautiful instrument. The Music Academy is a great choice for all ages and skill levels. They are passionate about music!”

Alicia Windham – Hendersonville, North Carolina

“I am so grateful I took piano lessons here! I studied as a beginner last year during my senior year of high school. Now I am a college student majoring in voice performance. I wanted to have some piano knowledge prior to the piano proficiency classes I would need to take at school, and my teacher definitely made me feel well prepared! Everything that I am now learning in my piano proficiency class is exactly what I learned in my lessons, which includes simple Baroque pieces, scales and warmups, four-part choral hymns, and some simple improvisation. The piano class I am in now can be pretty intense, and I know I would not be performing nearly so well if I had not taken lessons at the Music Academy. My teacher made every piece I was working on seem fun, and I grew so much through working with her. I definitely recommend the music academy!”

Ruby Moore – Hendersonville, North Carolina

“We’ve been so pleased and impressed with the academy. The staff is experienced, warm, and welcoming. We can’t say enough about how wonderful it is!”

Cassie Ashworth – Hendersonville, North Carolina

“Our son has had a great first year of guitar lessons and we look forward to many more! Mike’s experience in teaching shows. He is patient and kind and intentional with regards to proper technique for classical guitar. Mike holds a high standard regarding the “business side” of the Music Academy– he is clear in his communications regarding pricing, scheduling of lessons, etc.”

Bess Tarkington Lee – Hendersonville, North Carolina

“Michael Ridenour is the consummate professional with a lifetime of experience. He takes the beginning of learning and inspires you to what can be. Michael has a soft teaching style that is grounded in solid form and music theory.  Kevin Lampson is my son’s bass teacher with a wealth of professional experience, a great ability to explain complicated theory and also teach at a pace where my son is always interested and inspired!  The Guitar Academy of WNC is a fantastic place to learn music, have your instrument fine tuned, get your instrument repaired or just be around top quality professionals that will inspire you with their encouragement or just by the sheer talent of their ability to play.”

Reese Lapka – Etowah, North Carolina

“The teachers here are great! I have taken for just over 5 years now and couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Haston Guess – Hendersonville, North Carolina

 “My daughter and I both take piano and guitar lessons respectively. The instructors are great. They are always positive and have a good understanding about what each student needs. My daughter has progressed beyond my belief on piano for the year she has been taking lessons thus far. Mrs. Ivone ( piano/voice instructor) is great. My daughter is extremely excited each week, looking forward to lesson. Mike, the guitar instructor, has helped me progress at a very rapid pace. Prior to moving to NC, I tried to self-teach with videos. Needless to say, I never knew when to move on and never really felt like I had learned anything. After a few months with Mike, my technique improved drastically. I was playing songs, and developed a better understanding of music theory. We’ve worked on improvisation and soloing, incorporating some techniques and licks learned and created. I don’t think there’s any doubt that this is the place to be for those who want to nurture their musical gifts (or pick up a new hobby).”

Dr. Treavor Riley – Hendersonville, NC

“As a young teenager, our son, Mark, began taking classical guitar lessons from Mike.  It was a very positive experience for him.  Mike is a very patient teacher.  He was able to help Mark understand the theory and fundamentals of classical guitar and hold Mark’s attention.  Mike also taught him the importance of practice.  Mark continues his love for the guitar, still plays and is quite good.  We credit Mike with getting Mark started in the right direction.  He is an excellent teacher.”

Marty & Fran Berger – Hendersonville, North Carolina

“Our son has been exposed to several guitar teachers over the years and Larry and I both agree that Mike Ridenour was his very best instructor.  Mike provided Matt with excellent instruction in reading music, guitar fundamentals, and technique.  Mike was highly motivating.  He is a natural teacher who exhibits great care with his students.  Most importantly, he kept the music fun!  We would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a talented musician and teacher.”

Larry and Debby Harmon – Hendersonville, North Carolina

“Albeit I have played the guitar for over 50 years I never had a good skill set. Could not read music, only played chords. Over the past 10 months Mike has taught me the basics of Music Theory and Classic Guitar skills. Moreover he un-trained my bad habits. Mike has a caring and nurturing personality for students. He is very patient and quickly perceives where a root problem may be and properly addresses it. He is an excellent instructor of the Classic Guitar. And may I add he Jams on the electric too!

From a management perspective, Mike has superb management / organizational skills as exemplified in the fast pace growth of his Music Academy. If I were a parent interested in introducing a child to music, Mike’s Academy would be my solution. He has world class instructors from the Western NC area to provide caring and well organized program of instruction in music education. And for the Adult Student… I find Mike a blast to work with, great sense of humor, and a true professional to the field of Music Education.”

Skip Williams – Mills Spring, North Carolina

“ Not only am I finally learning to play the piano, I’m also learning to use the right side of my brain (I’m trained as an engineer, you see). Fortunate to have Ivone as my excellent instructor, who keeps challenging me to do better every lesson. “

Hans Picard – Tryon, North Carolina

“I searched very hard for a bass guitar instructor who was “QUALIFIED” to teach. Unlike other music centers in Hendersonville that had guitar players trying to teach bass guitar, Mike introduced me to Kevin Lampson who is a magnificent bass player and great instructor with musical degrees from college to his credit!! I strongly encourage anyone seeking to learn guitar or bass guitar to contact The Guitar Academy and speak with Mike! You WILL NOT go wrong with this decision!!”

Joey Prince – Hendersonville, North Carolina