Congratulations! 2023 High School Western Regional Orchestra Chair Placements

CONGRATULATIONS goes out to our Music Academy string students for their Western Regional Orchestra Chair placements last weekend at the NCMEA Orchestra Clinic. We are very proud of our students and their real-world musical accomplishments.

Sean Maccaroni – 24th Chair Honors (Violin 1); Alexis Rubianes – 13th Chair Honors (Violin 2); Rokem Bayne – 2nd Chair Honors (Viola); Deepkia Haywood – 13th Chair Honors (Cello); Katrina Bryan – 7th Chair Repertory (Violin 2); Avery Corn – 15th Chair Repertory (Violin 2); Eric Perry – 3rd Chair Repertory (Viola); Rochely Gallardo – 6th Chair Repertory (Viola); Aiden Chacon – 7th Chair Repertory (Cello).

A special thank you to our private lesson faculty members: Jan Daugherty, Matthew Pierce, and Jamie Leigh Bennett as well as Henderson County High School Orchestra Directors: Amanda Tant and Tiffany King for their tireless contributions to the success of these students.