Daily Dose of Music History – May 29, 2015


Daily Dose of Music History (May 29, 2015): On this day in 2007: A piano used by John Lennon on the night he died was put up for sale for $375,000 on The Moments in Time memorabilia website. The upright grand piano was part of the Record Plant Recording Studios in New York where the former Beatle recorded his 1971 “Imagine” album. Lennon was said to be so fond of the instrument that he had it moved to whichever studio he was working in and had used the piano hours before being shot on December 8, 1980.

Happy Birthday: Mike Pocaro (Bass, Toto); La Toya Jackson; Melanie Brown, (Mel B); Mel Gaynor (Drums, Simple Minds); and Marie Fredriksson (Roxette).